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Anthropologie Store on Flickr.
Tip for today: Hand cream by Royal Apothic @ http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/beauty-body/24902199.jsp

Anthropologie Store on Flickr.

Tip for today: Hand cream by Royal Apothic
@ http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/beauty-body/24902199.jsp

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 (Publicado com o Instagram)

 (Publicado com o Instagram)

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untitled on Flickr.

untitled on Flickr.

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Melissa Store on Flickr.

Melissa Store on Flickr.

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2nd day in Amsterdam

Second day in Amsterdam. We took our breakfast at the Hostel, which, by the way, is very delicious. Has a lot of fruit juices, breads, cheeses, hams, tea, coffee, milk, chocolate, jams, cakes … very good.

And one of the funniest things, there are two big fat cats walking around the Hostel, especially there where the staff takes the breakfast. Today one of the cats sat in the chairs that were in our table, and looked like a person there. haha. It was certainly hoping that we would give something to eat …. that cute and cocky hahaha. Well, I love cats, I am delighted with them, my day had started very well! o /

Today we decided to go to the Rembrandtplein area, such as the Rembrandt museum. The weather well, was still raining, but we decided to walk. Walking is always better, we really explore the city and fell like always live there.

Our directions: we went from musempark, towards the Leidseplein.Then followed the tracks of the trams, took some alternatives street.
Well, this time I made a favour to myself and I asked Debora to guide us, so she took the map and everything was in her hands o /

It was very good, because for the first time I could be completly distracted and just stare at everything around me, taking pictures, not even bother to where we were going. Best feeling in the world.

We arrived at Museumplein, there we saw some very interesting restaurants, as Outback (yes, it is an Australian restaurant, as there is in Brazil and by the way, in several places in the world). We saw more ones and the statue of Rembrandt: ok, we were actually in Rembrandtplein. Then we turn to the right and continue walking. We past to the pub Three Sisters, Heineken’s  (we backed later there since Heineken’s  had not yet been opened).

Then we get the street from the museum and found a wonderful tea shop, Simon Levelt. We bought several kinds of tea like orange, lemon, wow, that smell (!!)  you was crazy wanting to take all!
We bought one for my grandparents, certainly they will love.

Few more steps we were in the museum! I quite liked the museum, it’s amazing how they preserve everything. You see him around the studio, with brushes, pigments, machines, tables, bed,  his pillow. Well, the museum is actually his house: you’re faced with what he saw and lived. I looked out the window and thought, wow, he saw that too! It’s a nice moment, magical, something that in Brazil it is rare to have, especially since almost everything is destroyed, nothing is preserved as here.
Ok, k,k… after that we went in the museum shop, buy some cards. I also bought a magic cube that had his drawings. Something different, cool to have.

We left there and decided to visit the Jewish museum, since it was nearby.
Very nice too, we can see works of Mondriaan, Chagall…..on the ground floor there were workshops for children (Man, they were mad drawing and playing. It was fun).

Well, from there we decided to follow the same way we had made to the Rembrandtplein. Heineken was opened! There were few beers bottles with cool graphic design, I bought a pen drive - 6 Euros, 2GB - in a k7 tape format =D (Love to buy new and different stuff). The beers bottles were not expensive and you could buy a few packs with six, very cool.

The store itself is pretty cool, has some upholstered, elevator, you feel at home. Just enjoying the moment and relax :D

Then we went to the pub Three Sisters and had lunch there. I ordered a pasta with shrimp. Delicious! Ah, man, how good it is to eat well when you’re starving hehe.
Aaaah, and ofc,  I ordered a Murphy’s o /

We left there and started walking, we found some shops (some were tourists ones). We made our basic shop buying some souvenirs to our friends in Brazil. I bought some clogs keychains, which, by the way, people always like and I like too, ‘coz is practical to carry in your handbag hehe.
I bought a nice tea there for my special friend Gustavo, was completly his face. Well, Amsterdam is his place, it would be fun to have him here also. We would laugh a lot! Haha.

So we walk more, until we find a bookstore (in fact, equal to one which I know in Rotterdam), the Selexyz Donne. I really like there. I ended up buying a book (publishing in Dutch, but has more images and nothing that you can not understand. Anything just put on google translator hihihi)
Well, the book besides is cool and was only 9.90 Euros. Seriously, the book, as I said before, it is much cheaper here in Europe! Have to buy it, no doubt!

From there we took a tram, in front, and went to the hostel (after I saw that we could go walking. I mean, it took about 7-10 minutes on the tram, but, ok,  it was cold and drizzling, so, yeah,  let’s walk another time).

Arriving at the Hostel, we began to organize bags and everything, because the other day my mother goes to Brazil! I need to take her to the airport. o.O
Now Im writing this and seeing my agenda, cos I need to know exaclty when/ time I back to Rotterdam. I just combine with my friend to see him tonight, I have no idea about time, we will combine this tomorrow but I hope to be there in time, cos Im in another town and must to go to the Airport. Sometimes I ask to myself why I don’t tell and don’t explain everything, like: hey, Im in Amsterdam, I have plenty of things to do and I think I won’t have time enough to meet up. But the point is, as brazilian, we always thing we will have time enough. We are like super heroes! :p la la la, right….. One thing I realized, the dutch people don’t do it. They can imagine that wont have time,  so they never planned something with rush (like, if the day is full, is impossible to put more things to do - well, we do it always, but they don’t!).

Ok, something I must to learn! I always want to do everything all the time….this is good and bad! But okay! Never mind, as is really nice to see him and as we spend long time not seeing each other, let’s do it without think! I’ll have time to make all of things well! I hope!!

I just watched How I Met Your Mom, on the channel RTL5. It’s nice to see the episode with subtitles in Dutch, hehe. Live and learn ;)

Anyway, now we have Oprah show and soon after has David Letterman.
What else, hm, this room here is so comfortable and cool, I think was the first time on the trip I had time to relax, doing nothing/  watching tv. What a good think to do as well. I also like to see  tv here, to compare with Brazil. View advertisements, talk shows, w/e. This RTL5 is cool, has some movies, for now is my fav channel here.

Well, that rest time is more than deserved, tomorrow will be a VERY busy day:  I’ll wake up early to start with a wonderful shower!
Yes! Rest is the best thing to do now. o /