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@ Fashion Rio SS 13 | 14 
Outside the shows
Credits: Clara Ungaretti

@ Fashion Rio SS 13 | 14 

Outside the shows

Credits: Clara Ungaretti

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@Fashion Rio SS 2013 | 2014
Credits: Clara Ungaretti
For more information:

@Fashion Rio SS 2013 | 2014

Credits: Clara Ungaretti

For more information:


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@ New York Fall/ Winter Fashion Week 2013
Photo: by myself

@ New York Fall/ Winter Fashion Week 2013

Photo: by myself

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Portobello Market

It’s weekend!

We reserved for the street markets.

Before leaving Brazil, I had made a list of markets on the streets in London. Well, on the Internet everything always sounds better, more beautiful and perfect but, anyway, we need to try for real too.

We decided to go this saturday in two markets: the Broadway Market and the famous one called Portobello Market in Notting Hill.

First we went to the Broadway Market because we saw that the extension of Portobello Market was practically endless.

Broadway Market is farthest from the center of London, nor part of zone 1. It’s station is in zone 2. Arriving there the neighbour is not the most friendly, we can notice that is outside the city. Well, and shame we have gone in the opposite direction, and end up going to an area becoming increasingly hostile. We decided to go back and take the train to Notting Hill, because getting lost in an area not very friendly, it is not pleasant.

Getting there we already saw a different climate, more friendly, clean and, of course, chic.

The typical white houses, side by side, those beautiful little streets, full of trees, already showed us that yes, it would be a nice market to go. ( This market occurs every Saturday)

Oh sure, once you leave the station Notting Hill, there is a sign indicating the direction of Portobello Market. Those kind of things we always appreciate and make all the difference in a positive travel.

Portobello Market is huge and you’ll spend the whole day there. It’s really cool, has shows on the street, thousands of shops, kiosks. Alternative endless food, drinks. Just loved it, I recommend everyone to go to visit. I bought three scarves by 10 pounds (of course after a few walks, I found six scarves for the same price! Haha, I wanted to kill myself, ok, happens. So here is a tip: walk and see everything, later buy).

I bought in a store, which is just on the start of the fair - who comes from Notting Hill station, a dress by Shikha London really cute. It cost £ 15. Regret not having bought more! The price was great and they were one more beautiful than the other.

We went to a store that was a paradise (except for its prices! Almost died, it’s so expensive), was the AllSaints. Well, one day I’ll buy the entire store.

Another cool store was a Scottish one, even the salesmen wore the costumes of Scotland - men in skirts (which, wow, so sexy! Seriously, when the guy is guaranteed and it is a tradition, masculinity talk more! I never saw men so males in my life, I just fell in love with everyone!). It’s another place to visit.

Well, scarves, jackets, wool in Scotland is generally typical of what else you see at Portobello Market. Everything is very beautiful and very well done. It’s a good thing to buy, at least a scarf. I bought three, all very warm.

Rain boots, has a lot. My mother bought one for her. I have not found one that fix cool in me. Anyway, I tried!

Nothing better than walk and stop every second to see a tent, a store, watching a show on the road. It was a wonderful day! I loved it and I’m sure when I’ll be living in London I’ll go every Saturday to this market.

Notting Hill also is beautiful, worth a visit on another day to walk there, to see houses, shops, parks, cafeterias ….. yummy! And then, if you want, you can go walking towards Oxford Street. When you see, is already there.

In the end, in the evening, we went to Tesco, in Notting Hill, to get some things for dinner.

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Love love love!! =D

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Must have, wanna have! =D

Must have, wanna have! =D

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Rotterdam 3

Today is Saturday, has the Blaak’s market! And IT HAS SUN!
So, we went to the market that is, by the way, around the Blaak
Station .

Well, we have to buy the best cheeses in the world! Fact. And in this market there are numerous options. Today I tasted a cheese pesto. Impossible not to be good, two things I love! Imagine a molten mass?

I bought my favorite, the Strongest, the skin black. This cheese is delicious, it’s heaven in your mouth!

After we visited the famous church of Rotterdam, Sint Laurens Church - Laurenskerk, one of the only buildings remaining in the bombing of WWII.
Now they are restoring the church.

Once in the plaza that is in front of the church has a statue of the famous Erasmus of Rotterdam. I often joke that was my husband, hehe, since I love this city and I feel so at home, you will see that I have lived here and had a great love. Yeah, I’m super romantic, does not ruin my dream!

We decided to lunch at the restaurant nearby that has pancakes. It is a restaurant on the middle of the sidewalk, on a rounded shape (oh, why is it hehehe?). I went last year with Ada, Lule and Vivien. Very good! I recommend! Paradise of Pancakes!

I ordered one with bacon and cheese, accompanied by a Heineken. Typical Dutch.
After our delicious lunch, we walk through Downtown. That way there are some cool stores, such as Rituals (I love this store, I had seen in Barcelona and had gone mad! Has a body lotion called Heaven, Heaven is the same. Its packaging is orange and its scent is wonderful. His is the super soft! Amo! bought, of course).
Well, for more information, visit the website of Rituals and find the closer store from your home!

We walked for a few thrift shops, I enjoyed it! haha.
Ah! We went to a fantastic shop:  American Apparel. I loved it, wanted to buy everything! The colors of pants, stockings, tights.

I bought a black dress, super lightweight, cute. Debora then showed me what she bought, and one thing was a blanket that you can use in many ways, as even a dress, amazing. Now I wonder: how did not see it? Well, I’ll sure go back and buy one for me! I fell in love.

A few more walks and we found a store of materials for painting, drawing! Paradise for my mother specially. The store is very close to Coolsingelstraat, where there is a McDonalds on the corner.
Well, the store is very cool, has lots of materials! I bought a box of crayons + a block of blank paper for 8.90 Euros! It was almost for free! Want to start painting right now!

Then we move to Nieuwe
Binnenweg Straat, because I had arranged to get a shoe. The store is very cool. The seller is an Englishman very nifty, and the funny thing was that he just found just a foot of the pair of the shoes. The shoe is cute, it’s Vans style, no laces, black printed with cherries. It’s Underground. For 10 Euros. Imagine if I resist it? Obviously I bought.
But the funny thing was that we were all looking at the store the other foot, haha. Until he told me to pick another day, he would look right, somewhere had to be!
So today I picked up, and there was the pair!
The store is very tiny little, almost beside the Rotown Bar and has very nice things. Admittedly, I go back there sometimes.

The journey continues, we walked by some shops and see some Uggs. I’m in love with those boots. I wonder why they do not exist in Brazil. I mean, in Porto Alegre, which has a very rigorous winter.

Ok, as it has, I’m seriously thinking about buying one. But not today. Let’s bust the credit card more on the end of the trip hehe.
We continue our journey, going into shops, buying some things.
Then we went to Raoul. Right there in the Beurs, almost opposite the C&A in Coolsingelstraat.
We ate a lemon pie that was delicious!

Shame things close very early here. 18hs everything closes! Boredom arises and a certain dread of what can be done! The deal is to go hiking, find another place open, some restaurants are still open, some bars, pubs obviously.
But then we thought that since we’re going to Amsterdam tomorrow, we want to go early, then ok, we go back home.

Just before we went to Rotterdam Centraal station ‘cos Debora wanted tosee a train ticket to Paris. I still stay here, I still have friends to see. imagine just five days in Holland? Impossible! Paris will be postponed yet, at least in fashion week I will go, one day I show up to see my cousin there and feel the whole mood of fashion week.

But for now, still has much to do here.

Anyway, Amsterdam tomorrow!